To take part in the conference one needs to:
  • - submit a completed registration form (for each participant) to the Organizing Committee’s e-mail address;
  • - submit an abstract of the presentation (up to two pages long) to the Organizing Committee’s e-mail address till April 21, 2017 May 3, 2017;
  • - pay the registration fee, EUR 25, till April 28, 2017 May 3, 2017 (for payment details please contact the organizers).
  • We recommend to use the template of the paper and the registration form.

Abstract Preparation Guideline

    An abstract of the presentation (up to two pages of A5 148 mm x 210 mm sheet) is to be prepared as an MS Word document with MathType.
Page margins – 1.5 cm,
Indentation – 0.75 cm,
Line spacing – single.
Use the TTF Times New Roman, size 10 for typing the text.
Please set the text in accordance to the table below.

Part Formatting
UDC 10, left side
First Name Second Name 11, Bold, center
Institution, e-mail 9, center
Main text 10, justified
References 9, justified, in order of reffering
TITLE* 10, Bold, CAPITAL LETTERS, center
Abstract* 9, Italic, justified, without indentation
*in Ukrainian.

All blocks presented in the foregoing table should be separated by one empty line.
Figures should be presented in the following formats: jpeg, bmp, tif, gif.
Tables should be formatted by means of Word Editor, according to the following sample: Table 1. Parameters for Equation Editor or MathType (Times New Roman, 10, Italic, right side):

Parameters for Equation Editor or MathType

Full, Sub-symbol 10
Subscript/superscript 80%
Sub-subscript 60%
Symbol 150%
Text, Function Times New Roman
Variable Times New Roman, Italic
Matrix, Vector Times New Roman, Bold
Інші Symbol