Administration of Institute
Chief of departments:
No.11 Mechanics of deformable bodies Yu.V.Tokovyy
No.12 Differential equations and theory of functions V.O.Pelykh
            Laboratory of mathematical physics M.M.Symotiuk
No.13 Theory of physical-mechanical fields O.R.Hachkevych
No.14 Algebra V.M.Petrychkovych
No.15 Department for modelling of composite structures and complex systems M.V.Marchuk
            Laboratory of modeling and optimization of complex systems M.S.Yadzhak
No.16 Physico-mathematical modelling of low-dimensional systems D.I.Popovych
No.17 Department of Analysis, Geometry and Topology I.V.herneha
           Laboratory of mathematical modelling of self-organization phenomena B.Yo.Datsko
No.18 Computational mechanics of deformable systems Ya.I.Kunets
No.19 Thermomechanics R.M.Kushnir
No.20 Mathematical problems of mechanics of heterogeneous solids V.F.Chekurin
No.21 Numerical methods of mathematical physics M.I.Andriychuk
No.23 Modeling damping systems V.M. Shopa
No.25 Mathematical problems of contact mechanics R.M.Martynyak