We recommend to use the template of the paper and the registration form.

If the report has several authors, the registration form is filled for each coauthor. The report title is indicated in the registration form of the corresponding author only.

Preparation and Submission of Abstracts

One or two completely filled pages of the report should be prepared in a DOCX (or DOC) file format.
The page size - A5 (148x210 mm),
the margins - 15 mm,
the typeface - Times New Roman,
the line spacing - single,
the paragraph indention - 0,75 cm.

The page layout

  • UDC (10 pt, left-justified)
  • report title (10 pt, bold, CAPITAL LETTERS, centered)
  • author(s)'s first name and family name (10 pt, bold, centered)
  • affiliation(s) (9 pt, italic, centered)
  • e-mail addresses of authors (9 pt, centered)
  • main text of the report (10 pt)
  • references arranged in alphabetic order (9 pt, numbered list, authors's family names - italic)

The above-mentioned parts should be separated by one blank line.

For embedding formulas in the text it is allowed to use the formulas editor MathType (Microsoft Equation Editor) only.
Its options are such:

styles: text, function, number - Times New Roman; variable - Times New Roman, italic;
lowercase and uppercase greek, symbol - Symbol; matrix-vector - Times New Roman, bold;
sizes: ordinary - 10 pt; index - 80%; small index - 60%, symbol - 150%, small symbol - 100%.

The pictures and charts are presented in the following formats: PNG, TIFF or JPEG.

The explanations of the pictures, charts and spreadsheets are given in the main body of the report.

The spreadsheets captions are right-justified and the graphics captions are centered.