International Conference
on Modern Problems of Mechanics and Mathematics

dedicated to 85-th birth anniversary of
Yaroslav Stepanovych Pidstryhach, Academician of NASU
and 40-anniversary of the scientific institution
on mechanics and mathematics, founded by him

May 21 Ė 25, 2013
Líviv, Ukraine

Program Committee

International Conference on Modern Problems of Mechanics and Mathematics will be held in Líviv on the basis of Pidstryhach Institute for Applied Problems of Mechanics and Mathematics and †Franko National University of Líviv.
Discussing modern achievements in the field of mechanics and mathematics, in particular, related closely to the research activities of Ya.S.Pidstryhach, makes the objective of the Conference.
He devoted his life to science and his name will always be associated with achievements inthermodynamics of non-equilibrium processes, thermomechanics, †mechanothermo≠diffusion, magnetothermomechanics of electroconducting bodies, hydroacoustics, mechanics and bodies with coatings and surface phenomena and other directions of modern mechanics.
Ya.S.Pidstryhach worked also on the urgent mathematical problems of mechanics, applied mathematics and other overlapping sciences. He sought for new forms of collaboration between science and industry.

The Conference will comprise plenary lectures, oral presentations, and poster sessions. It covers a wide spectrum of subjects related to the following topics:

  1. Mathematical Modeling in Mechanics of Deformable Solids.
  2. Mathematical Methods of Mechanics and Thermomechanics.
  3. Mechanics of Non-Homogeneous Solids and Nanomechanics.
  4. Mechanics of Contact Interactions, Solids with Cracks and Thin Inclusions.
  5. Dynamic Problems of Mechanics of Non-Homogeneous Structures.
  6. Biomechanics.
  7. Optimization and Design of Thin-Walled Constructions.
  8. Strength and Fatigue of Materials.
  9. Numerical Methods.
  10. Theory of Functions and Functional Analysis.
  11. Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics.
  12. Algebra and Topology.

Official Languages of the Conference will be Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Organizing Committee

First Announcement
Preparation and Submission of Abstracts
Second Announcemen
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