Shavarovskii Bogdan Zenoviyovych

Education: Drohobych Ivan Franko State Pedagogikal University (specialty mathematics and physics, 1973), Postgraduate study at Pidstryhach IAPMM) (01.01.06 algebra and number theory, 1979 )

Scientific degree: Doctor of sciences in physics and mathematics (doctoral thesis "Reduction and decomposition of matrices over polynomial rings", 2013 ., 01.01.06 algebra and number theory.)

Scientific title: Senior Research Fellow (1995)

Position: Acting Leading Research Fellow (from 2013 .)

In Institute: from 1974

Research interests: linear algebra, matrix theory, invariant theory, matrix equations, computational methods of linear algebra

Direction of scientific researches: Reduction of matrix over rings and reduction of sets of matrices over fields: search invariants, including their complete systems; build to simple form; special types of transformation. Decomposition of matrices over ring: factorization of matrices into a product of regular factors of lower degrees. Solving polynomial equations of higher degrees and systems of linear equations bilateral matrix.

Main scientific results:


  1. Developed and applied a method of semiscalar equivalence of polynomial matrices to the similarity problem of finite sets of numerical matrices.
  2. The problem of reduction of rather wide classes of polynomial matrices to direct sum of summands has been solved. This enabled to reduce complex problems of semiscalar equivalence and similarity of matrices to analogous problems for matrices of lower dimension.
  3. For some classes of finite sets of numerical matrices constructed canonical and related to them forms and found systems of invariants with respect to similarity transformations.
  4. Investigated the equivalence and similarity matrices by different transformations using the matrices of special block structure.
  5. The decomposabiliti into factors (in particular linear) of some classes of matrix polynomials with elementary divisors of degrees more than two has been proved, the classes including the majority of known now classes of factorable matrix polynomials.
  6. The results obtained have been applied to the problems of construction the canonical forms matrix polynomials relating to similarity transformation and also to solution of various types of matrix algebraic equations (polynomial higher degrees, linear two-sided, Riccati equations).


Major publications:


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List of Conference Proceedings:

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